Monogrammed Towel Gift Set (1 Letter)


Spoil your loved one on their birthday or special holiday or simply get some personalised towels for the whole family.

With a range of fonts and embroidery colours, these gift sets are sure to please even the pickiest of gift receivers.

Choose from either a gift set in black or white towel, hand towel and face washer, with 1 letter in a custom font and embroidery colour.

Gift Set includes:

1 x Towel (74x150cm)

1 x Hand Towel (40x60cm)

1 x Face Washer (34x34cm)


How it works:

When you place your order we will email you an order form to fill in your custom order.

Once you have sent the order form back we can process your order.

It will take approximately 10 business days to complete the order.

In store pick up available, or we can add postage if needed.


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